24/7 Check Inn Kiosk

The Moe Motor Inn has installed an easy-to-use 24/7 Check Inn Kiosk for your convenience. It is located outside of the reception, on the wall next to our vending machine.


To use the Check Inn Kiosk, follow all of the onscreen prompts and select from our available rooms. 

Upon selecting a room, our check-in system will request a Security Deposit* and then the payment for your room. These are two separate transactions and can be payed by either cash or card.

Once the payment has been received, your room key will drop from our Check Inn Kiosk. Directions to your room have been printed on the key tag for your convenience.**

*The Security Deposit is $100 which covers any incidentals that may occur, including, but not limited to, the loss of a room key, damage to property or smoking in the room.

**Please note that the Check Inn Kiosk will not drop a room key if you do not have enough funds to cover both the Security Deposit and the room payment. This may also occur if an incorrect pin number has been entered. If this occurs, please wait for the transaction to cancel and try again. 


3-13 Fowler Street, Moe

Victoria 3825 Australia



Tel: 03 5127 1166


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